Best Pediatrician in Patna

Pediatrician in Patna

Are your looking for child Specialist Doctors???

We had listed renown names which can be touted as Best Pediatrician in Patna.

In General Words, Pediatrics refers to Branch of Medicine which include care of infant, children & adolescents.


  1. Dr. Mani Bhusan
  2. Dr. Anup Kumar
  3. Dr. Rakesh Kumar
  4. Dr. Sudhanshu Kumar
  5. Dr. Madhu Shina

1- Dr. Mani Bhusan

Dr. Mani bhusan is a pediatrician. He is a pediatric disease infection physician and growth and development Community Pediatrician in Kankarbagh, Patna and has an experience of 13 years in these fields.
Address:k-139,Hanuman Nagar ,PC colony,opposite canara Bank, Patna.

2- Dr. Anup Kumar

Dr. Anup Kumar is specialist in newborn and provides best care in neonatal care . He has his 14 years of experience in this field. He is also expert in so many other like allergy & immunology, pediatric nephrology, pediatric neurology, pediatric pulmonology, growth & development.
Address:MIG-218, Doctors colony road,Near Malahi Pakari chowk, Patna.

3- Dr. Rakesh Kumar

Dr. Rakesh Kumar is a member of Indian Medical Association and Indian Academy of paediatrics.He is a Pediatrician .He has his 10 years of experience in this field.
Address: A/60,PC colony ,Kankarbagh,opps. lohia park, Patna.

4- Dr. Sudhanshu Kumar

Dr. Sudhanshu kumar is a life member of Indian medical association,Indian academy of paediatrics and National Neonatology forum.He is a pediatrician in oshodhara mother & child hospital.
Address:2H/106,Bhoothnath road,Near shani mahatma temple,Patna.

5- Dr. Madhu Shina

Dr. Madhu Shina is a member of Indian Academy Paediatrics.Dr. Madhu Sinha is a Pediatrician and General Physician in Danapur Cantt, Patna and has an experience of 23 years in these fields.
Address: Thana Road,Danapur road,opps. danapur thana .


IIT Coaching Institute in Patna

Searching for the IIT Coaching institute in Patna???

Currently, there are bunch of institutes in Patna.

If you choose wisely, you are step away from your dream.

Note: We had not listed Super 30 in the list, which has limited seat of 30. As only cracking the entrance of super 30 is a sign of getting elected for IIT-JEE.

We had listed top 6 institute in Patna which should be in your checklist:

IIT-JEE Institute in Patna: 

1- Vidya Mandir Classes

2- Aakash institute


4- Mentors Eduserv

5- Paradise institute

6-  Elite institute

1- Vidya Mandir Classes  


An amazing institute with the best facilities.Vidyamandir provides regular classroom and correspondence courses to crack IIT JEE . It is located at  5th Floor, Grand Plaza, Dak Bunglow Chauraha, Fraser Road, Patna, Bihar 800001.

2- Aakash institute  

Akash institute is a very popular institute in all over india . Akash institute provides you so many courses like Pre Medical,NEET,IIT,JEE Main,JEE advanced and 8-9-10 coaching at fraser road and east boring canal road.


Fiitjee is a perfect institute of iit jee in patna ,bihar. Students can get a perfect training for iit jee from there.There branches are across the patna and kankarbagh area.

4- Mentors Eduserv

Mentors Eduserv will train students for iit/medical and other competitive examinations.Mentors Eduserv is one of the reputed & famous medical and engineering coaching centre in Patna.It is located at Parus Lok Complex, Boring Road Crossing, Patna, Bihar 800001.

5- Paradise institute

Paradise institute provides so many courses to prepare your competitive exams.This instute offers IIT,JEE,AIEEE and Medical. It is located Arya Kumar Road, Near Canara Bank, Rajendra Nagar, Patna, Bihar 800016.

6- Elite institute

Elite institute is a leading institute in Patna .Elite institute helps student to prepare IIT JEE and medical.It is located at 4th Floor, Jagdamba Tower, Sahdeo Mahto Marg, Boring Road,, Patna, Bihar 800001.

Taste of Bihar: Patna (Gandhi Maidan)

Taste of Bihar

What is Taste of Bihar???

It’s a Food Court started in Gandhi Maidan,Patna.

An Open-Air food joint aims to provide quality outing with friends & Families.

They covers everything from chinese to continental foods including Punjabi & South Indian dishes.

While much emphasis has been on Biharis delicacies which include Litti Chokha, Kachri, Anarsa, Chura Ghugani and Belgrami.

Location: Gandhi Maidan, Patna (Bihar).

Gate no 6,7 & 8 is the way to Taste of Bihar.

Taste of Bihar aims to provide value to the Gandhi Maidan by working towards the betterment of Public Facility under the operation of Astitva Advertising Private Ltd.

Menus at Taste of Bihar, Patna.

Regional Food of Bihar: Litti Chokha, Anarsa, Chura Ghugani etc

The most popular and the most known food of bihar is “Litti chokha” is available .Litti Chokha is a traditional dish eaten mainly in Bihar and Jharkhad.It is a flour dough made from wheat flour and contains sattu and spices, then roasted on coal or cow dung cake or wood, then it will be dipped in a lot of ghee.

Chokha is prepared by mashing boiled vegetables (like potatoes ,brinjal, tomatoes etc)adding spices and chopped onion, garlic etc and served with Litti as a complimentary delicacy.



Veg Menu Price (Rs.)
Veg Fried Rice (Half Per Plate) 50
Veg Fried Rice (full Per Plate) 80
Puree – Sabzi (4 Pcs Per Plate) 19
Chola Kulcha (2 PC)(Per Plate) 40
Crispy Chilli Baby Corn Dry 60
Potato Chilli In Honey(Per Plate) 60
Nashta (Kachauri-6p + Jalebi-2p + Sabji)(Per Plate) 30
Chola Bhatura (2 Pc.)(Per Plate) 40
Pav Bhajhi (2 PC.)(Per Plate) 40
Kachori & Sabji (Per Piece) 10
American Corn Salt & Pepper(Per Plate) 60
Mushroom Bell & Pepper(Per Plate) 70
Mix Veg In Sezwan & Garlic (Half)(Per Plate) 60
Mix Veg In Sezwan & Garlic (Full)(Per Plate) 100
Soya Kheema Kofta With Veg Pulav Or Lachha Paratha (2P)(Per Plate) 90
Soya Kheema Kofta With Veg Pulav Or Lachha Paratha (2P)(Per Half plate) 50



Non-Veg Menu Price (Rs.)
Fish Kari (2PC)(Per Piece) 70
Fish Fry (2 PC)(Per Piece) 60
Jhinga Fish Rice(Per Plate) 100
Fish Rice (2 PC)(Per Plate) 80
Crispy Chicken (Half)(Per Plate) 70
Crispy Chicken (Full)(Per Plate) 120
Chicken Salt And Pepper (Half)(Per Plate) 70
Chicken Salt And Pepper (Full)(Per Plate) 120
Chicken Fried Rice (H)(Per Plate) 60
Chicken Fried Rice (F)(Per Plate) 100
Chicken Kassa(Per Plate) 100
Chicken Bhuna(Per Plate) 100
Chiken Biryani(Per Plate) 125
Deoghar’s Atthey Mutton With Lachha Parata Or Boil Rice(Per Half plate) 80
Deoghar’s Atthey Mutton With Lachha Parata Or Boil Rice(Per Half plate) 150
DadiJi’s Special Baked Litti With Chicken Chhat (Taash) & Fried Potato (Per Plate) 150
DadiJi’s Special Baked Litti With Chicken Chhat (Taash) & Fried Potato(Per Half plate) 80
Dehati Chicken With Plain Rice(Per Half plate) 60
Dehati Chicken With Plain Rice(Per Piece) 110
Egg Curry Masala With Veg Pulav(Per Half plate) 60
Egg Curry Masala With Veg Pulav(Per Plate) 110


Roti/kachauri/Paratha Price (Rs.)
Palak Kachauri(Per Piece) 10
Mung Kachauri(Per Piece) 10
Kachori – Ghughni (2 Pcs)(Per Piece) 19
Rumali Roti(Per Piece) 10
Mughlai Paratha(Per Piece) 75
Plain Paratha(Per Piece) 10



Chinese Veg:

Chinese Veg Menu Price (Rs.)
Paneer Chilli (Per Plate) 80
Veg Chilli (Per Plate) 70
Mushroom Chilli (Per Plate) 100
Veg Manchurian Dry (Half)(Per Plate) 60
Veg Manchurian Dry (Full)(Per Plate) 100
Mushroom Chilli Dry (Per Plate) 60
Potato Chilli In Honey (Per Plate) 60
Paneer Chilli Dry (Half) (Per Plate) 70
Paneer Chilli Dry (Full)(Per Plate) 120
Veg Manchurian Gravy (Half)(Per Plate) 60
Veg Manchurian Gravy (full)(Per Plate) 100
Paneer Chilli Gravy (Half)(Per Plate) 70
Paneer Chilli Gravy (Full)(Per Plate) 120
Hacca Noodles (Half)(Per Plate) 50
Hacca Noodles (Full)(Per Plate) 80
Veg Chowmine (Half)(Per Plate) 50
Veg Chowmine (Full)(Per Plate) 80
Pasta In Red Sauce(Per Plate) 60
Pasta In White Sauce(Per Plate) 100
Chinese Roll(Per Piece) 40
Chinese Mix Veg (Half)(Per Plate) 60
Chinese Mix Veg (Full)(Per Plate) 100
Veg Manchurian Gravy (Half)(Per Plate) 60
Veg Manchurian Gravy (full)(Per Plate) 100
Paneer Chilli Gravy (Half)(Per Plate) 70
Paneer Chilli Gravy (Full)(Per Plate) 70
Veg. Momo (5P)(Per Plate) 40
Fried Veg. Momo (5P)(Per Plate) 45
Spaghetti Pasta Veg(Per Plate) 159
Fusilli Pasta Veg(Per Plate) 169
Penne Pasta Veg/Chiken(Per Plate) 169

Chinese Non veg:

Chinese Non veg Price (Rs.)
Chicken Chilli (with 8 Pec.)(Per Plate) 100
Chicken Chowmein(Per Plate) 80
Egg Chowmein(Per Plate) 70
Chicken Manchurian (Half)(Per Plate) 70
Chicken Manchurian (Full)(Per Plate) 120
Chicken Chilli Gravy (Half)(Per Plate) 70
Chicken Chilli Gravy (Full)(Per Plate) 120
Chicken Manchurian Gravy (Half)(Per Plate) 70
Chicken Manchurian Gravy (Full)(Per Plate) 120
Chicken Noodles (H)(Per Plate) 60
Chicken Noodles (F)(Per Plate) 100
Chicken Momo (5P)(Per Plate) 50
Fried Chicken Momo (5P)(Per Plate) 60
Spaghetti Pasta Chiken(Per Plate) 169
Fusilli Pasta Chiken(Per Plate) 179
Penne Pasta Chiken(Per Plate) 179


Veg/Non-veg Rolls:

Veg/Non-veg Rolls Menu Price (Rs.)
Veg. Roll (Per Piece) 35
Paneer Roll(Per Piece) 40
Egg Roll (with 2 Eggs)(Per Piece) 35
Chicken Roll (with 2 Eggs)(Per Piece) 50
Masala Potato Roll(Per Piece) 40
Paneer Tikka Roll(Per Piece) 60
Chesse Chatpata Roll(Per Piece) 70
Paneer Roll(Per Piece) 40
Double Paneer Roll(Per Piece) 50
Hariyali Paneer Roll(Per Piece) 60
Mushroom Roll(Per Piece) 40
Chinese Roll(Per Piece) 40
Veg Sanghai Roll(Per Piece) 50
Double Egg Roll(Per Piece) 50
Double Chicken Roll(Per Piece) 80
Chicken Tikka Roll(Per Piece) 80
Chicken Dragon Roll(Per Piece) 70
Mughla Paneer Roll(Per Piece) 60
Mughlai Veg Roll(Per Piece) 50
Mughlai Chicken Roll(Per Piece) 70
Mughlai Egg Roll(Per Piece) 60


South Indian Food:

South Indian Food Menu Price (Rs.)
Plane Idli With Sambhar (2P)(Per Plate) 30
Posto 2 Idlis(Per Plate) 40
Paniyaram (4P)(Per Plate) 35
Plain Dosa(Per Plate) 49
Masala Dosa(Per Plate) 69
Butter Masala Dosa(Per Plate) 75
PaneerDosa(Per Plate) 79
Onion Dosa(Per Piece) 59
Onion Masala Dosa(Per Plate) 75
Vada Sambhar(Per Plate) 59
Uttapam Plain(Per Piece) 49
Mix Veg Uttapam(Per Piece) 59
South Indian Platter (Mini Dosa, Mini Uttapam, Idli, Vada)(Per Plate) 99


Drinks/Ice cream/deserts/Soup:

Drinks/Ice cream/deserts/Soup Price (Rs.)
Choice Of Cake ( 1 POND )(Per Piece) 295
Latte(Per Plate) 59
Cappuccino(Per Plate) 59
Espresso(Per Plate) 39
Signature Dessert Brownie Ice-Cream(Per Plate) 185
Mochacino(Per Plate) 69
Hot Chocolate(Per Plate) 49
Cold Coffee(Per Piece) 50
Hot Coffee(Per Piece) 20
Tasmai (Kheer)(Per Plate) 50
Manchow Soup(Per Plate) 69
Hot & Sour Soup(Per Plate) 69
Cream Of Chicken Soup(Per Plate) 79
Cream Of Mushroom Soup(Per Plate) 69
Cream Of Tomato Soup(Per Plate) 59
Orange Juice(Per Plate) 29
Jalebi (4 Pcs)(Per Piece) 19
Chocolate Brownie With Ice-Cream(Per Plate) 89
Choco Lava Cake(Per Plate) 79
Chocolate Mousse(Per Plate) 89
Chocolate Truffle Pastry(Per Plate) 59
Chocolate Truffle Cake ( 1 POND)(Per Piece) 395
Choice Of Pastry(Per Piece) 49
Chocolate Brownie(Per Plate) 59
Choco Lava With Ice-Cream(Per Piece) 90
Vanilla Softy Cone(Per Piece) 35
Sudha Choco Cone(Per Piece) 40
Tutufruiti Single Scoop(Per Piece) 40
Mango Single Scoop(Per Piece) 40
Blackcurrant Single Scoop(Per Piece) 40
Brownie With Ice-cream(Per Piece) 80
Chocolate Single Scoop(Per Piece) 40
Strawberry Single Scoop(Per Piece) 40
Vanilla Single Scoop(Per Piece) 40
Sudha Strawberry Milk Shake(Per Piece) 50
Sudha Chocolate Milk Shake(Per Piece) 50
Sudha Vanilla Milk Shake(Per Piece) 50
Butter Scotch Single Scoop(Per Piece) 40
Sudha Cold Coffee(Per Piece) 60
Sudha Kesar Pista Shake(Per Piece) 60
Sudha Butter Scotch Shake(Per Piece) 60
Sudha Guava Shake(Per Piece) 60
Sudha Blackcurrent Shake(Per Piece) 60
Sudha Mango Shake(Per Piece) 60
SUDHA CHOCOLATE COCKTAIL (Large 300 Ml)(Per Piece) 105
SUDHA MANGO COCKTAIL (Regular 250 Ml)(Per Piece) 95
SUDHA CHOCOLATE COCKTAIL (Large 300 Ml)(Per Piece) 105
SUDHA CHOCOLATE COCKTAIL (Regular 250 Ml)(Per Piece) 95
SUDHA DRY FRUIT COCKTAIL (Large 250 Ml)(Per Piece) 125
SUDHA DRY FRUIT COCKTAIL (Regular 250 Ml)(Per Piece) 115
Sudha Fruit Cocktail (Large 300Ml)(Per Piece) 105
Sudha Fruit Cocktail (Regular 250 Ml)(Per Piece) 95
Health Drink (1 Glass)(Per Piece) 15
Faluda Kulfi(Per Piece) 40
Shake (1 Glass)(Per Piece) 25
Nariyal Paani (Wit Cream)(Per Piece) 45
Nariyal Paani (Without Cream)(Per Piece) 40
Blue Lagoon(Per Piece) 100
Pina Colada(Per Piece) 100
Smoothie (1 Glass)(Per Piece) 90
Sweet Lime Juice (1 Glass)(Per Piece) 30
Pineapple Juice (1 Glass)(Per Piece) 30
Pomegranate Juice (1 Glass)(Per Piece) 75
Water Bottle(Per Piece) 17


Tea Price (Rs.)
KFT Aam Papad Chai(Per Piece) 15
KFT Milk Masala Tea(Per Piece) 15
KFT Mint Flavored Tea(Per Piece) 15
KFT Green Tea(Per Piece) 15
KFT Wild Strawberry Tea(Per Piece) 25
KFT Glamour Tea(Per Piece) 20
KFT Special Herbal Tea(Per Piece) 15
KFT Masala Tea(Per Piece) 15
KFT Rose Cardamom Tea(Per Piece) 20
KFT Honey Ginger Tea(Per Piece) 15


Veg/Non Veg Snacks:

Veg/Non Veg Snacks Price (Rs.)
Veg Sandwich(Per Plate) 30
Chicken Burger(Per Piece) 50
Chicken Cheese Burger(Per Piece) 60
Chicken Pakora (8pcs)(Per Plate) 100
Non Veg Pittha (2P)(Per Plate) 60
Chicken Cheese Crunchy(Per Piece) 80
Chicken Sandwich(Per Piece) 40
Egg Pakora (8pcs)(Per Plate) 60
Litti Chokha 2 Pcs(Per Plate) 30
Chura Ghughni(Per Plate) 25
Veg Cutlet (2pcs)(Per Plate) 60
Paneer Pakaura (8pcs)(Per Plate) 85
Veg Hot Dog(Per Piece) 69
Paneer Hot Dog(Per Piece) 59
Paneer Burger(Per Plate) 50
Cheese Crunch(Per Plate) 50
Veg Crunch(Per Plate) 40
Paneer Pakora(Per Plate) 40
Masala Pakora(Per Plate) 30
Paneer Cheese Burger(Per Plate) 60
Chicken Spring Roll(Per Plate) 60
Chicken Drum Stick (half)(Per Plate) 70
Chicken Drum Stick (Full)(Per Plate) 120
Chicken Lollypop(Per Plate) 60
Veg Pakora(Per Plate) 30
Bread Pakora(Per Piece) 20
Chaat Half Plate(Per Plate) 20
Chaat Full Plate(Per Plate) 30
Samosa(Per Piece) 10
Fish Pakora (6 PC)(Per Piece) 90
Fish Fry (2 PC)(Per Piece) 60
French Fry(Per Plate) 50
Chicken Hot Dog(Per Piece) 79
Chicken Salami Hot Dog(Per Piece) 89


Veg/Non Veg Pizza Price (Rs.)
Margherita Pizza(Per Piece) 119
Veggie Pizza(Per Piece) 129
Chicken Pizza(Per Piece) 149
Paneer Pizza(Per Piece) 139
Chicken Salami Pizza(Per Piece) 159


Extra Price (Rs.)
Extra Cheese(Per Piece) 15
Extra Bhature(Per Piece) 15
Extra Pav(Per Piece) 15