Air Conditioner: buyers guide (India)

ac buying guide
ac buying guide

Thinking of Buying Spilt AC!!!

One point clicks on mind, Electricity Bills.

It will not be a headache if you are familiar with AC buyer guide, which will help you to make a smart decision.

What’s the Bootomline??

Not any AC will cool up your room. First you have to know your requirements.

Features To keep in Mind:

1- Size of the Room

It plays a dominant when it comes to Cooling of the room.

If you are going to buy a Ton Capacity AC for your living room, it will fail to cool.

Size of the room is directly proportional to AC ton capacity.

2- AC Ton. Capacity

Before making mind to buy an AC, you should know the expected ton capacity which will fit into your requirements.

If you are buying AC to be placed in a living room or Hall (190 x 300 sq. ft) , then 2 ton ac will suit your requirement.


Size of the Room (Sq. Ft) Best Fit For AC Ton. Capacity
0-80 Office Cabin 0.75
80-120 Small Bedroom 1
120-190 Family Bedroom 1.5
190-300 Living Room or Hall 2

3- Energy Efficiency 

The Efficiency of the AC determine, What amount of heat it can remove from the room to the ratio of Power consumed. If the amount of heat coming in the room is more than that of amount of heat removed by the AC, then the room will not cool. So its always the best practice to close down the Windows & doors of the room.

Energy Efficiency= Amount of Heat Removed (BTU/Hr)/ Power Consumed (W)

  AC cooling capacity is represented as BTU/hr.

Technically, it is the amount of BTU heat which will be removed in an hour.

If the Ac fails to cool down the room in the long run which will keep its compressor running all the time, consumption of electricity will be more. It will result in Higher electricity bills.

So, if you are going to Buy a Split AC it would be wise to choose Inverter AC.

Case for Small bedroom with same size. One being with Inverter AC and other with Non-inverter AC.

Inverter AC consumes less electricity as the compressor motor is always ON.

In a scenario, if the user decides to cool down room to 21°c from 28°c. The amount of heat Removed is to be of 7°c.

As inverter ac compressor runs always, it reaches the set result way to fast than non-inverter ac.

While, Non-Inverter AC compressor motor is not always on. It starts from Room Temperature to set target like 21°c.

If the Room temperature remains 35°c  then it would have to remove 14°c. It will keep compressor running for long which in turn will consume more Electricity.


Inverter AC Non-Inverter AC
Compressor Motor ON/OFF Always ON
Electricity Consumption Less More
Fastest to Desired Temperature Fastest Faster
Lifeline High Average
Price High Average

4- Warranty and After Sales Service

Always prefer a product with long term Warranty services as the AC gets old it requires more maintenance.

Look for Free installation at your destination.

Check Google listing reviews and make sure for hazzle free services.

After Sales Services differ from city to city.

As if you are in small city then go for LG & Samsung. They had established their services even in remote parts of India.

Prefer Hitachi, Bluestar,  Daikini if you are in Metros or State Capital.

Voltas ac customer review

How to read AC Label: Pasted on each AC

AC Label

We had taken a 5 star rated AC. It touts “More stars More Saving”.

Energy Efficiency Ratio: More stars means More saving. 5 Star AC can be costly to buy but in a long run it will minimise your electricity bills.

Bureau of Energy Efficiency rating for AC: here

star rating level

Appliance & Brand: Appliance will be Air conditioner & Brand will be manufacturer like Samsung, LG etc.

Model/Year: Model will be the name of the product & Year in which it get manufactured.

Cooling Capacity: Amount of heat which can be removed in an hour. It will be in BTU.

0.75 Ton: 9000 BTU.

1 Ton: 12000 BTU.

Power Consumption: Power consumed per year.